BBC (1 x 60)

BAFTA Scotland Best Documentary 2004

Celtic Film Festival Best Documentary 2005

CINE Masters Series Award 2007 (US version: 'Wide Angle: Gutted')

CINE Special Jury Award 2007 (US version: 'Wide Angle: Gutted')

What are the consequences for a small community when the white fish industry collapses? This poignant film tells the human tales of fishermen and their families.

Fishing is one of Britain's oldest industries, and Fraserburgh is a community significantly dependent on it. This documentary charts the community's reaction to swingeing quota cuts and consequent drastic reduction in the industry. Filming at sea is extensive, and includes a trip to a breakers yard in Denmark and to the EC in Brussels.

This film was screened in June 2004, and won BAFTA Scotland Best Documentary in 2004 and Celtic Film Festival Best Documentary in 2005. It was repeated on BBC4 in September 2005, and screened across PBS network in the US as part of WNET's Wide Angle series, showcasing the best documentaries from around the world.